Scroll On…

Putting words together
There’s power in that!
But only….
only if….
Someone’s listening?

Everything is in everything
Everything is in relationship….
with everything.

Every position
each time a word follows
another word
a re-lation-

Overwhelmed by noise?
How do we relate?

Destroyers exploding
tearing, bursting,

How do we flood the ocean?
with noise.

Do it to ourselves.

Everything blocked.

As a result of an idea?
Ideas? Greed? Some
emotion? Fear?

Abstractions. The doing of the
destroyers is never just
doing. It is always
For something
Something else
Something wanted.
This fear that
weighing, measuring,
always counting.
A machine, an adding machine
always subtracting

Skies filled with abstracted smoke
or the regular kind.
Always burning.

“Something must be done!”
And the answer always involves
yet more burning.

Lives consumed.


Every poem, every story, every
painting, every drawing
Every foray
Every foray into relating to Everything

How can this
Not be
more consuming?

Something to do with relating
When we involve, share,
Burning into
attention? Mutual life?

Who is listening?
asks the whole deafened by
asks the child deadened by war.

So much at risk
Is it still a risk when
destruction is such a sure thing?

In the noise
brute, brawl
a burning thing.

What is there to achieve?

Incantations, setting a top
turning the handle
twirling the spoon.

All to make a movement
Setting into motion.

An incantation to living.


Metaphors don’t count.
They don’t.
They set things spinning
turning, twirling
into motion
motion felt, tended,

It all needs time, attention,
a willingness to accept
to take suggestions
follow unspoken…
say what can barely be heard.

What grows neither asks
nor requires permission
it must
and, most likely, it will be

It still grows.
What choice does it have?
Do we?


Cursed by reflection
we go ahead and keep wanting
to look back.
Why else record anything?

neither needs recording
neither needs to be seen-behind

Our nature says otherwise
It keeps drawing us to record, to
remember, to relate now to then,
to then….

As far as we know
no one else does this.


What does it mean now that
when I close my eyes I see
a screen, scrolling ever-downwards
looking, looking, looking
for what can never be found

Repetition colonizes us.
What once required whips
and chains and…
now we do it to ourselves.

Attention is all we have!
funneling it down that
At least a rabbit-hole might
have rabbits!
We chase puppies and funny cats
and atrocities done and to come.
Looking for connection we despair
in finding anywhere-else
than in this no-where
where the connection we find
is not real
and we know it.
or we don’t, forgetting
what real might even look like.

It doesn’t scroll past our
eyes. Driven by the
twitch of our fingers against
a wheel or dragging across
a “sensitive” surface.

But then this starvation induces
a need that can only be filled
in this way
a way we know won’t feed
Or we don’t know…

Scroll on.




One thought on “Scroll On…

  1. Yes Antonio, life is a network of relations, the mega machine has destroyed and continue to impose its destruction on a world that has forgotten that its awareness is part of an original awareness that has its rules to be observed and respected in carrying out these relations and that humans are under duress in conducting such relation
    with the awareness that not every words thrown are going to be listened to and god said if he has known them to benefit from the words he would have made them hear. It is strange.The human struggle has to be done under the guidance of god and humans have to be aware that their responsibilities are themselves while throwing the good words and good deeds in their environment. It is a personal venture that it is only compass is our soul awareness that will not be lighted without contacting the origin of its awareness. We make our scrolls but we do not write them but it is written for us by impartial entities., like our DNA. It is a universe that requires our attention to the whole and not only to the human part. It is an unseen operation that ignites so many questions basic among them why their are artistic visionaries and heedless conformists. Who stop the rain and provide me with air to breath and consciousness to perceive and express the perception. Who sends the water to turn the land into green pasture. Detaching nature from its creator is the biggest crime humanity have committed. Nothing get lost and every one will receive the reward in hand . It is this understanding that helps the aware to endure. Please keep the good works and do not let ugly things dishearten you.

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