House of Dreams

“Tear down our house of dreams?”*

Must we?

Tear down our house of dreams?


A house?

Of dreams?

A ruin?


We call it living.

We call it our future.

We sacrifice everything to its demands.


House of dreams…

A cage forged of  illusions.

We call them dreams?


Call it living.

Call it our future.

Everything destroyed to keep it going.



How can we abandon our dreams?

How can we live without them?


Whose dreams?

Who do they serve?

Who do we serve?


We send them around.

Give them our attention.

Starve our imaginations.


Tear down this house of Dreams!

See this act for what it is.

A liberation.


Trapped in this house.

We’ve lost our imaginations.

Fantasy? A cheap imitation.





* From a comment on JMG’s Arch Druid Report.



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